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Individual Income Tax Preparation

An Essential Financial Solution

The Jennifer Fierros Services team is dedicated to staying up-to-date on all regulatory and legislative developments, both locally and nationally. When you hire us for Individual Income Tax Preparation, you can count on receiving accurate guidance.

Meet Our CEO

At Jennifer Fierros Services, our commitment to excellence is driven by visionary leadership. Meet our CEO, Jennifer Fierros, a seasoned professional with a passion for empowering individuals and businesses on their financial journeys. With a distinguished expertise in tax preparation, business services, and a specialization in Estate and Trust Tax Preparation. Jennifer Fierros leads a dedicated team committed to delivering unparalleled service. Guided by a vision of financial empowerment, our CEO's expertise ensures that Jennifer Fierros Services stands as a trusted partner, helping you achieve your financial goals with confidence. Discover the driving force behind our success and embark on a journey of financial growth with Jennifer Fierros Services.

My objective is to assist you in comprehending the intricacies of your tax return and obligations. I am dedicated to exploring all legal avenues to minimize your tax liability and maximize your refund. Additionally, I aim to devise a proactive plan for the upcoming year, ensuring you retain more of your hard-earned money.


Let's start a conversation today to initiate a beneficial partnership that prioritizes your financial well-being."

Jennifer has GREAT customer service. She always makes time for me and answers all of my questions. She takes her time to hear me out, and answer my questions. She’s very knowledgeable and always gives me the best advice. Will definitely be recommend her to my colleagues!

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